About the company

Autotechnica Fleet Services d.o.o., owned by AUTOHELLAS S.A., operates in Croatia as a franchise company of Hertz International, providing car rental and fleet management services.

AUTOHELLAS S.A., a Th. Vassilakis Group, is the largest Rent a Car company in Greece, with a fleet of more than 44,000 vehicles. It is also the first company in Greece to offer an Operational Leasing and Fleet Management service.

AUTOHELLAS S.A. is the largest Hertz franchisor in Europe, which, in addition to Croatia, operates in Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Ukraine and Romania, through its local affiliates.


About Stock Center

  • Special brand for the sale of used vehicles
  • Retail, wholesale, export of vehicles
  • Sale of vehicles exclusively owned by Autotechnica Fleet Services d.o.o.
  • Vehicles have a digital maintenance plan - maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations


Why choose us?

✓ Vehicles are from the first owner (no connecting invoices, leasing documentation, etc.)
✓ Neatly maintained vehicles with a digital maintenance plan
✓ Confirmation of mileage from STP are available
✓ All vehicles are located in one central warehouse
✓ Wide range of different models
✓ Richly equipped vehicles
✓ Different vehicle sales options
✓ Benefits for wholesale - additional discount on quantity, possibility of organizing transport